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Testimonies from teachers, children and parents


Quotes from teachers re: our educational days

"We had a fantastic time on our camping residential at Forest and Beach. Pete and Andrea are extremely organised and caring, ensuring that all the children and teachers were well catered for. The children loved every minute of their outside experience, and we are very much looking forward to going back next year!" Loddiswell Primary School

"What a fabulous way to bring science alive for children! I contacted Forest and Beach at Beeson and explained to Pete what I was looking for for my Year 6 class. He not only put together a day that met all my criteria but suggested other ideas and materials to support the children's learning back in the classroom.

"The children spent an amazing January day at Forest and Beach where Pete and his wife Andrea, challenged the children to be scientists for the day and to solve the question, 'Why aren't we up to our heads in fallen leaves'? Armed with their rucksacks of equipment, (supplied by the Centre) they set set off to find the answers from the flora and fauna in the woods. Specimens were bought back to the outside 'lab" for further investigation.

"Lunch was shared around the camp fire where Pete and Andrea supplied hot chocolate before we all set off to walk to the local beach so that the children could contrast the beach habitat with the woodland.

"I cannot recommend Forest and Beach highly enough. Pete and Andrea are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. I found them very willing to put together a day to suit the needs of individual groups. Needless to say we have further visits planned from other year groups throughout the school. " South Hams Year 6 Teacher

"I took my class to Forest and Beach this week and they absolutely loved it. It's the perfect place for children to freely explore the natural surroundings whilst also being safe and engaged in purposeful activities.

"Pete knew it was a hook for my literacy lessons and had planned a variety of exciting activities which stimulated their creativity and generated a range of descriptive language. As a result, the children have since produced some fabulous writing, drawing upon their experiences in the forest.

"I am really looking forward to returning in the summer and visiting the beach." Natalie Higgs (Foundation/ Year 1 teacher)

Quotes from children

"I liked having hot chocolate and marshmallows by the campfire. They were yummy." (James, aged 6)

"Making the mud soup was really fun. We used lots of leaves and things and we used really big sticks to stir it." (Bella, aged 5)

"I liked exploring the woods and finding things to put in my pot. My favourite thing I found was the King Alfred's cake. It looked like a little black ball." (Fenn, aged 6)

"Mr Moore is really nice. He told me lots of things about the forest and the farm. He took us to see the cows too." (Ruby, aged 5)

Quotes from parents

"Forest and Beach Days are simply fantastic! Our 8 year old son absolutely loves running around the woods all day, making bows and arrows, climbing trees and making dens whilst at the same time learning lots of new skills. He has made loads of new friends and I love that they get to experience some of the freedom that we had as children. He loves it so much he regularly saves up his pocket money to pay for extra days!"

"A great day, LOVED by my 5 and 7 year old! They were exhausted, muddy and full of stories of their day - thank you!"

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you George had a great time, he has only just stopped talking about his day I think its because he has finally gone to sleep! Thanks again x"

"Thanks Pete and Andrea, the kids had a fab day in the woods with you and didn't stop talking all the way home!!"

"Thank you all at Forest and Beach, my boys have had an amazing day and have not stopped telling us about it since they got home, I am sure they will be back (in fact they say they are coming to camp during the summer!!)"

"Thanks so much Pete and Andrea for a fabulous day in the woods today! The children had a wonderful time at Forest and Beach. They particularly enjoyed building the dens in the woods and sliding up and down the muddy slopes (!), not to mention the sausages cooked on the camp fire, and the donuts - which were the icing on the cake!"



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